U.S. CDC Announces New Cruise Guidelines


The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) has released guidelines for major cruise line crew members stuck on ships since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unable to return home.

“The guidance and the commercial transportation attestation are only applicable to cruise ship operators with a complete and accurate No Sail Order response plan for crew management and for their ships that have met CDC’s criteria for mean Ship, ” The CDC explained in part.

The system is planned to have determined whether any remaining crew onboard the ships can return home.

The Red ship criteria mean within the past 28 days there have been one or more cases of confirmed COVID-19 or COVID-like illness, or a ship-to-ship transfer from a vessel with confirmed cases.

During the Red Phase, if land-based crew get on the ship they will be immediately quarantined for 14 days. The Yellow Phase is similar to Red, but the ill crew member will have to take a Polymerase Chain Reaction test — if the test is negative they will enter the Green Phase.

In order to be in the Green Phase, the ship must have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 or COVID-like illnesses for 28 days determined by a quashippinged medical professional. To maintain Green status, ships must submit a weekly EDC form to CDC. If it fails to submit the form, the shipping status will change to red.

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