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Metro Tech’s Aviation Program To Resume


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With over 739,000 jobs in aviation expected to become available over the next twenty years nationally, Metro Tech is working to get technicians trained and into those positions. So if you are hoping to be in such positions, I guess you start sending your applications.

The 18-month program is divided into three phases.

Graduates of the program are always in demand. Locally the Oklahoma Department of Commerce said in 2020, there was a need for over 5,500 aircraft mechanics and service technicians and this is definitely going to increase.

Robert Hensley with Metro Tech says

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“We’re an aviation school with metro technology centers and career tech and it’s an 18-month school. The first phase is general; you learn all about the general sections of it. Then you go through the airframe and you learn about the airframe section of it, and that’s six months and then the last six months is the power plant, and you learn about the engines and the jet engines and you take the engines off and you put them on, start them up and stuff like that”

Metro Tech’s program is rated top 10 in the country for aviation techs.

The program was temporarily shut down last year due to COVID but will graduate their first class since re-opening in April.

The program is also available for high school juniors and seniors through the high schools. The next classes are set to begin in June.

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