Vaccine Passport To Boost Tourism In New York and Las Vegas


As we focus on boosting the tourism sector and recover from the losses of last year pandemic loss, it may seem that the COVID vaccine is definitely one way to do so.

Earlier this week, IATA had announced the launching of the travel pass app that will enable travelers to share their COVID vaccination status and negative results and in turn encourage more tourists to travel and more people to take vaccines.

In following this step, New York launched the Excelsior Pass on Friday, a mobile app that gives people a way to share their vaccination and negative test results with entertainment venues and businesses. It was already used at a Brooklyn Nets game in February and a New York Rangers game in March, and the goal is for it to give large venues a way to reopen above the social gathering limit.

Although usage of the app is voluntary as New York won’t open up vaccination eligibility to everyone until April 5, it is quite possible that businesses and venues will require some form of proof of a negative test result or vaccination to enter.

Similarly,  the Helix Health Passport was launched in Las Vegas. Like  Excelsior Pass it uses an encrypted code to show a recent negative test result or vaccination. The primary focus has been on test results, Julia Miles, Reviv’s commercial operations director, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, since vaccine rollout is still a “huge program to complete.”

So far, a lot of Miles’ “extended talks” with major casino operators in Las Vegas have focused on the negative test result portion of the app and gives the resort a way of marketing itself as a secure COVID-19 venue.

People are encouraged to get vaccinated as it could restrict a person’s ability to attend school, travel, and other movements if they won’t get vaccinated.

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