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Top 10 Landmarks & Essential Things to do in Rome


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Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. This saying has transcended generations. It’s just normal for us to see that which was built in Rome. Rome is worth a visit. There are too many attractions and distances in Rome that the whole family can enjoy. Getting off at the Tourist Treadmill is well worth the money and good food. The only downside to Rome is the queues. Of the many monuments and attractions to see in Rome, these ten cannot be missed.

1. The Colosseum

A true epical monumental Coliseum for the battle of ancient gladiators dates back to 72 AD. The Plavian Amphitheater was built to accommodate 50,000 spectators. Although it is a horrific place of death, such historic places are a must for all history lovers. Marvel at this famous structure from every angle, and make sure to step bravely in to appreciate the enormity of this ancient monument.

2. The Victor Emmanuel II National Monument or Vittoriano

This magnificent building was built in the early 20th century in honor of Victor Emmanuel II. This building consists of white marble, and when you stand in the shadow of its walls, you will feel quite small! The huge equestrian statue in front of the building represents Victor Emmanuel II on horseback.

3. Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine comprises three domes and is the best-preserved monument from ancient Rome and one of the most photographed. You can have a great view of the arch from the top of the Colosseum. The arch was built in 315 AD for Constantine I’s victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, and it is located between the Colosseum and Palatine Hill.

4. Campo de Fiori

The oldest market in all of Rome, Campo de Fiori, is full of flowers, vegetables, and fruits by day and a lively restaurant and bar atmosphere by night. The charming environment hardly takes into account the fact that so many were executed on the spot! Every day (except Sundays), there is a fruit, vegetable, meat, and fish market. Although highly regarded by tourists for its location in the historical center of Rome, this small market has managed to retain all its credibility.

5. The Secret Avetino’s Keyhole

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While in the Trastevere district, cross the river and climb the hill to find a small square with an inconspicuous door and keyhole. The trick is to see through the keyhole, and you’ll notice that between the alleys of trees, it perfectly coincides with the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. It is an amazing sight.

6. Spanish Steps

Located in Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinita Dei Monti, the 135 Spanish staircases were built in 1725, leaning between the two popular squares. Each of the 135 steps has a large stone shelf and is surrounded by stone walls. Above the stairs is a large crucifix obelisk and many inscriptions carved into stone. Below the stairs is the Piazza di Spagna, which is spacious and has various shops and cafes. On the stairs is the Trinita Dei Monti church, an excellent attraction in its own right.

7. Via Condotti

One of Rome’s most famous shopping, Via Condotti, is home to numerous historic buildings and boutiques. Starting from the famous Spanish staircase, you can continue browsing the distance and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

8. Pantheon

Built by Emperor Hadrian from 119 to 128 AD, the Pantheon is an architectural wonder. The temple was first built on an ancient monument to God and is now used as a haven for the artist Rafael and the first president of Italy. The building still maintains the original bronze door.

9. Roman Forum

Perhaps one of Italy’s most important Roman ruins, the Foro Romano is an ancient ruin made up of many ruins that were once the center of public and political life in Rome. Various temples, squares, and arches stood here, including the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Titus, the Temple of Vesta, and the Arch of Septimius. Most of these structures remain today. The arches and foundations of the building and some of the walls can still be seen. Next to the Colosseum and Altar of the Fatherland, the Roman Forum is an important place for you to consider.

10. Visiting the Catacombs of Rome

We will complete a list of the best things you can do in Rome for your peculiar activities: Visiting the Catacombs. I recommend you the Callixtus catacombs. The site used as a temporary cemetery for Jews and Christians is the largest in the city, occupying about 15 hectares. You can see expressions of the Christian life on the wall, like the scenes of baptism and the Old and New Testaments. A visit to Rome Catacombe takes about 30 minutes and should be accompanied by a guide.

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