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Norway to Lift Its Advice Against Non-Essential Travel on October 1


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Norwegians will be able to travel to other countries, even for non-essential purposes such as tourism, since the government will no longer advise them against unnecessary travel.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, authorities in Norway have advised against non-essential travel to other countries several times. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed such a measure will no longer be extended after the expiration date, October 1.

Authorities in Norway have repeatedly urged their citizens not to travel outside the European Union, European Economic Area, United Kingdom, Switzerland, or any other country or region outside Europe in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus .

However, the Nordic country has finally started to relax many of its preventive measures, including removing strict entry rules that had been imposed for more than 500 days.

“There is no longer a basis for such a global travel council. We now return to making an assessment of whether each country should have travel advice. The pandemic and health situation will be part of the assessment together with security in the country. Feel free to download the new app Reiseklar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides access to travel advice, travel information, and travel registration in one place,” Foreign Minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide, pointed out in this regard.

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Norway announced recently that it would improve its entry bans and gradually open its doors to travellers from more countries following a three-stage plan.

The lifting of the advice against non-essential travel is also part of the country’s efforts to return to everyday life.

“Even if we remove the global travel council, we are still not quite back to normal. Some countries still have entry restrictions, and travel advice can also be changed at short notice. Therefore, it is essential that those who plan to travel or are traveling pay close attention so that they can take responsibility for their own safety and health,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs has noted.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified that the advice against non-essential travel will continue to apply to countries that have recently reported high rates of COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, the Ministry will inform its citizens which countries would be subject to their global travel advice after October 1.

Since the start of the pandemic, Norway has recorded a total of 185,327 cases of COVID-19 infection and 850 deaths, according to the figures published by the World Health Organization.

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