Japan to relax travel restrictions with flights to Vietnam


Japan is currently working on relaxing its restrictions on travel, which has been in place to combat the rate of coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the country. This new plan is said to commence with limited flights to Vietnam later this month.

Government sources said on Monday, that a chartered flight is being arranged to fly around 250 Japanese businesspeople,
With no quarantine plan in place upon arrival in Vietnam, and when they return to Japan on condition that they test negative for the coronavirus.

The latest move is coming at a time when Japan is currently plans to resume travel with Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, where the coronavirus is under control and there is a relatively low risk of importing infections.

According to Kyodonews, Vietnam has not allowed entry or issued visas to foreign nationals since late March, with some exceptions including for diplomats.

Japan added Vietnam to its entry ban list in late April and the Japanese Foreign Ministry has issued a Level 3 travel advisory for the country urging nationals to avoid going there. Both countries mandate two-week quarantine periods for all arrivals.

But under the new scheme, tourists between the two countries will be exempted from these restrictions if they take polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests prior to departure and upon arrival, and test negative both times, the sources said. They will also have to submit itineraries detailing the hotels they are staying at and places they intend to visit.

Businesspeople such as executives will be given priority, with students and then tourists set to follow.

Other countries on Japan’s entry ban list, including China, South Korea and the United States, may be taken off later depending on the situation, the sources said.

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