France To Trial Vaccine Passport Ahead Of June Reopening


France is set to become the latest European country to trial vaccine passports ahead of their planned reopening this June, following Spain’s announcement that they would take similar action earlier in the week.

As the country prepares for a busy summer, it’s slowly loosening its domestic restrictions before allowing travellers from around the world to board planes bound for its wildly popular vacation destination.

However, vaccine passports are not exactly a new feature of international travel, but how they are now delivered – through an app on a smartphone – is a new feature that several countries and organizations are taking advantage of. France, tired of waiting for the EU’s digital green certificate to become a reality, decided to make matters better by developing their own app.

France’s Covid-19 contact tracing app TousAntiCovid is equipped with a new feature –hosting test results and vaccination records.

Users of the app can upload their test results directly onto the platform by scanning QR codes printed on the documents they receive following vaccinations and testing. Officials can check the validity of the scans through their own app, ensuring safe travel with speed and security.

On Tuesday, French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari revealed authorities would test the vaccine passport on short-haul flights between Paris and the island of Corsica in the coming weeks. In addition, Government will extend its use to Air France/KLM flights to French overseas territories following this. A successful trial phase must lead to the vaccine passport rolling out and being used on a larger scale.

However, there is also good news for tourists from other countries, as the French government has also announced that foreign visitors will enter the country beginning June 9th. France would only grant entry to the country to those who possess a “sanitary pass” that attests to vaccinations or testing status. However, government officials have not yet specified what type of pass or vaccination passport will be accepted.

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