Egypt to Resume International Flights July 1


Egypt is planning to resume international flights next month with any country that is currently allowing flight operations. Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Manar said Sunday that all airports would reopen on July 1.

According to Him, “The decision is “an important step for the aviation sector to be accompanied by the sanitization operations for all the country’s airports and airplanes.”

Meanwhile, foreign tourists would also be allowed to return to coastal resorts like Sharm El-Sheikh in July.

The health minister also said earlier this month that Egyptian tourist destinations have recorded the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases, unlike greater Cairo, which has the highest number of infections.

Only dry food and canned drinks would be offered on the flight, while Printed publications and magazines onboard are currently prohibited at the moment.

Recall that, Egypt suspended regular international flights in March and shut down restaurants, hotels, and cafes as measures against the coronavirus spread.

The pandemic has shut down Egypt’s tourist sector, which the government says accounts for 5% of GDP. Analysts say the figure may be as high as 15% if indirect jobs and spending and investment are included.

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