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World’s Longest River Cruise


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                                                  PHOTO: MOSELLE BEND (SOURCE: AMYWATERSWAY)

If you are looking for an exciting return to cruising, get yourself ready as AmyWaterWays has announced a 46-night river cruise on seven rivers through 14 countries.

According to porthole.com AmaWaterways announced they have put together the longest-ever river cruise ready to take guests on a tour of 14 unique countries over 46 days. AmaWaterways’ Seven River Journey through Europe will take passengers along Europe’s most famous rivers with an exceptional focus on history, cultural traditions, and architecture. Plus, the best food and wine.

Organized by company President and “Godfather of River Cruising,” Rudi Schreiner, the cruise sets sail June 1, 2023.

“At AmaWaterways, we continually anticipate the needs of our guests and always strive to provide innovative experiences that push industry standards. With the pent-up demand for travel we are seeing and the increase in requests for our longer cruises, we feel this is the perfect time to introduce our incredible, all-new Seven River Journey,” said Schreiner. “The initial response has been remarkable since we first teased the news of this experience, and I am confident that we will exceed expectations when we set sail in June 2023, creating unforgettable memories for all of the 144 adventurous guests on board.”

 The schedule would look like this:

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· June 1 – 8: Seine River – France (AmaLyra) – Round trip Paris, France

· June 8 – 13: Saône and Rhône rivers – France (AmaKristina) – Lyon to Tarascon, France

· June 13 – July 4: Rhine, Moselle and Main rivers – Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands (AmaPrima) – Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Vilshofen, Germany

· July 4 – 17: Danube River – Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania (AmaVerde) – Vilshofen, Germany to Giurgiu, Romania

One of the best parts about the cruise is the more than 130 complimentary shore excursions for guests to choose from, visits to 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a Wellness Host onboard that offers classes for core strengthening, stretching, and yoga.

If you have never been on a cruise, or you want to see Europe in a different way welcome aboard let us go for an exceptional ride.

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