New Tours Set to Cruise Along Huangpu River


The iconic Huangpu River cruise tours will be diversified this year to become a world-class attraction making the river cruise a world-class attraction.

A number of new tours are planned for this year.

An hour-long cruise for three hours debuted on Tuesday, which captures daily life along the banks of the river, including the Waibaidu Bridge and Shanghai Tower, while also featuring afternoon tea served by a luxury hotel.

“The concept of ‘floating’ afternoon tea ships is unique in comparison with the afternoon tea offered by most hotels,” explained Hou Wenqing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jiushi Travel Group and Party secretary of Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise.

The spring desserts have cherry blossoms in them.

“We will provide more catering options based on the season, as well as a variety of scenery such as a crayfish and beer festival this summer to enrich people’s experiences,” said Hou.

Source: Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

In May, a cruise route serving the 10th China Flower Expo on Chongming Island will kick into gear. Ships will depart from the Shiliupu Dock in Huangpu District for the one-day tour, ferrying passengers along the river during the day and at night, with Shanghai delicacies and beautiful landscapes of blossoming flowers.

The riverbank tour will include both land and water tours, and also include flower appreciation.

The luxury ship serving the expo will have a capacity of 300 passengers, and tickets will go on sale in early May.

This will be the first flower expo to be held on an island and will be held in Chongming from May 21 to July 2.

Three routes that provide passengers with an insight into the city’s revolutionary past will soon be launched to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding, taking in red cultural sights along the river.

The tours will include a trip to the National Anthem Museum and a walk along the riverfront.

The people will witness the history of the Communist Party of China on board the vessel as well as the industrial relics in Hongkou and Yangpu districts.

Additionally, cruises for weddings and conferences will be launched soon.

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