The New Color blocking Hotel In Suidobashi


A stunning polychromatic hotel has just opened in Suidobashi, just across the Kanda River from Koishikawa Korakuen. Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, which is based in Tokyo, the Toggle Hotel uses an eye-catching two-tone color blocking scheme that represents the venue’s dual purpose as both a business and leisure hotel. 

 The hotel’s exterior perfectly matches this year’s Pantone Color of the Year – a tie between Illuminating and Ultimate Grey – but as incredible as it sounds, the choice of the color palette was entirely coincidental.

While Pantone selected the contrast of grey and yellow to represent strength and optimism during the pandemic, the studio submitted its two-toned design for approval over two years ago.

The bright yellow was chosen to match the color of the Chuo Line, which runs in front of the hotel, whereas the soft grey was chosen to align with the backdrop of the surrounding concrete buildings.

The color pairing technique is even more pronounced throughout the hotel’s interior, where rooms and hallways are decorated from floor to ceiling in just two bold colors, creating a two-toned effect. Everything in the room is of the same bright color, from the carpet and furniture to the bedding and soft furnishings. This, when contrasted against a bathroom of a different color, creates a cheerful and eye-catching visual impact.

In total, the hotel houses 85 rooms with 60 different color combinations, ranging from a fusion of orange and indigo to a blend of green and ivory. You can choose the room size and color combination to suit your mood when booking. The rate for a one-night stay currently starts at ¥8,000.

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