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The first ‘cannabis-friendly’ hotel in Arizona opens


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The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in downtown Phoenix is open for business. Hotel managers say it is “Arizona’s first Cannabis-friendly hotel.”

“We are a cannabis-friendly hotel and event company that elevates and educates the community about cannabis,” says Daron Brotherton, the hotel’s VP of Operations.

We have cannabis sleeping rooms on the west side of our property, where guests can enjoy edibles, flowers, and vapes that guests purchased at a licensed dispensary. Cannabis flowers are only allowed in designated areas. Guests at the hotel will be offered the option of renting a bong or pipe from the hotel’s dispensary, as well as a car service for purchasing cannabis.

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The only difference between the cannabis rooms and other hotels is that each will contain a ‘scrubber,’ which recirculates air to keep it fresh. For a deeper cleaning of the environment, a more powerful cleaner is brought in between guests. There is no cigarette smoking allowed in any of the hotel rooms.

The property is listed on “Bud and Breakfast,” a website that lists cannabis-friendly accommodations worldwide.

Both Drew Tingley, who appeared on the 19th season of “Hell’s Kitchen,” and Derek Upton, known as “Arizona’s Cannabis Chef,” say they hope to enlighten the public on the health benefits of cannabis. Both of them spoke about how cannabis replaced prescription medications for depression and anxiety, and other health issues.

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