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Staycation At Birmingham’s Daxton Hotel


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A staycation at a luxury hotel in the Detroit region is a great idea, especially with COVID’s continuous tour — a journey through the heart of the city. The Daxton Hotel in downtown Birmingham is another standout property in the Foundation Hotel group.

Opening just over two weeks ago, the Daxton Hotel’s five floors is full of fine elements and art which greet guests by offering a striking high ceiling lobby. Elegant yet simple, guests are welcomed by tall pillars, plants, and a lot of natural light.

Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the hotel’s lobby is the bar. Surrounded by an imposing metal geode — resembling a giant spaceship — the space works to separate bar patrons from the lobby without sacrificing atmosphere.

Built inside the lobby before opening, the massive spherical web was the product of a Michigan-based master welder.

“We wanted to give the bar its own identity without really taking up a whole lot of physical volume. So the designer settled on this idea of the geode,” shared Daxton General Manager Aaron Black. “It’s obviously very visible, very accessible. You hear all the sounds; you can see all the guests. Its existence, its presence, certainly serves as a jumping-off point for the owner to get really excited about the opportunities for art.”

Inside the hotel, there is an abundance of original works by artist Louise Jones (née Chen), known as Ouizi, which hang in the lobby and guest rooms behind the beds. The original pieces are an exclusive design from Ouizi for this hotel.

The restaurant, Madam, offers lighter, more Mediterranean-inspired fare influenced by California dishes. In addition to pizza, sea scallops and Wagyu strip loin are also served during dinner and dishes like Potato Gnocchi and Tagliolini Neri during lunch.

“It’s got a very healthy lighter Mediterranean influence than some of our local competitors,” added Black while discussing Madam. “Then pizza and pasta courses to still get a price point that makes it a very comfortable place to be. But the chef is all about simple ingredients and very vibrant flavours.”

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Each of the hotel’s 152 rooms includes beautiful décor with a range of colourful accents. Checkered floor patterns dot the ground, while shades of burgundy, beige and dark blue coat the walls. The rooms open up to natural light and views of downtown Birmingham.

Overall, the hotel presents a luxury staycation destination unlike some other options in the area. With wine rooms, private dining areas, and parlour rooms, Daxton goes beyond being merely a place to stay over before hitting the town.

“We’re really well-positioned to offer something that’s very contemporary and an alternative to what people have been able to do and experience elsewhere up to this point,” shares Black.

Daxton, run by the same company that also operates the Foundation Hotel in Detroit, stands out from the rest, with its art deco design fitting in with the Birmingham scene, much like the Foundation is in the heart of bustling downtown Detroit.

“I think it’s predominantly the commitment to being so fun and energetic and artistic driven. And then within the Aparium company, in our hotel group, it’s really just serving a different market than a lot of our other hotels do,” added Black.

Situated just a short drive from Detroit and other amenities, Daxton is a perfect spot for your local staycation. Minutes from Cranbrook for those not looking to drive far, guests can also take advantage of the tightly packed, walkable downtown Birhminhgam community around the hotel.

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