Russia is planning a package to revive the tourism industry


The Russian government is considering launching Covid vaccine travel packages for tourists since the Sputnik V is not spreading among its citizens as a result of the Russian Coronavirus.

The state news agency Tass reported that Russia has a ready-to-go vaccination trip industry but the visa process and immigration requirements have delayed it. So it goes.

“We are ready with the product, but visa support and legal entry issues for foreigners wishing to receive vaccines in Russia have not been resolved,” said Andrey Ignachev of the Russian Travel Industry Union (RUTI). The chairman told reporters.

Foreigners can expect to pay $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 for a three-week vaccine tour, excluding airline costs, Ignatyev said.

It appears that Russian President Vladimir Putin has endorsed the vaccination tour. The Russian president, in a speech last week at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), ordered the government to explore the possibility of providing foreign visitors with a new coronavirus vaccine.

Russia is keen to pick up its tourism industry in order to break away from the current pandemic of Coronavirus. In March last year, Russia imposed immigration restrictions on almost all foreigners (except some workers), effectively halting tourism. Since then, admission requirements have been relaxed for visitors who present a negative Covid test before travelling.

In countries that struggle to get their vaccination programs on track, vaccine tourism may be a popular choice. Last month, the Times of India went on a 24 day trip to Russia that included a 21-day break so that a Delhi-based travel agency would be able to vaccinate twice with Sputnik V and allow sightseeing. We announced that we are offering a package tour.

Slow domestic uptake

In August last year, Russia was the first country to approve the new coronavirus vaccine and introduced its own Sputnik V vaccine, but the spread of the vaccine is sluggish in the country.

Only 9% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated, according to data collected by Our World In Data. Russia is only second to Brazil, India, Turkey, and Mexico in terms of vaccination progress. Positions are linked to it.

Target market

Moreover, according to Our World In Data, over 23% of all adults in Europe are fully vaccinated. Consequently, the Russian government will swerve away from potential tourists for vaccines, Pavlov predicted.

The vaccination campaign in Russia has attracted the attention of African and Latin American countries, and RUTI has received such requests.

Late May, Putin announced that Russia would not mandate its citizens to receive Covid vaccines and urged them to take responsibility for being vaccinated. Additionally, he said that vaccines are safe. It is emphasized. According to peer-reviewed studies published in The Lancet Medical Journal in February, Sputnik V was 91.6% effective in preventing people from developing Covid-19.

“I would like to emphasize once again and appeal to all citizens. Think carefully and remember. Russian vaccines have already been proven to have been used by millions of people. But now it’s the most reliable and safest, “Putin said. “In our country, all conditions for vaccination have been created.”

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