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Kauai Launches Website to help Visitors find Transportation


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Officials on Kauai have created a website to help tourists find transportation options as the island experiences a shortage of rental cars.

Kauai’s Office of Economic Development partnered with the Hawaii Tourism Authority to launch a website to help visitors find ways to get around without a car. The Garden Island newspaper reported Wednesday.

“Our goal is that this new website will serve as a resource to connect travellers with transportation alternatives, such as airport shuttles, ride-shares and bike rentals,” said Nalani Brun, Kauai’s Office of Economic Development director.

They also hope the website, GetAroundKauai.com, will create a more sustainable long-term transportation structure.

“This rental-car crisis can become an opportunity for us to shift away from the mindset that the only way to get around Kauai is with a personal vehicle,” Brun said.

Officials said they hope the resource will help reduce traffic congestion created by tourists flocking to Hawaii as pandemic restrictions ease.

“During the pandemic, our residents were given a glimpse of what life is like without the influx of cars on our roads, and there’s no denying how much traffic had improved,” Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami said in a release.

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“As we continue to recover, we see the opportunity to do better in managing visitor impact, and that includes implementing transportation-mode change on our island.”

With rental cars in high demand and no centralized way to search for other transportation options, county officials said the site would be where people can find the best alternatives to rental cars.

They said Officials would regularly update the website as new transportation options become available.

The website also will have a map with Kauai bus stops and routes, regional walking guides and weekly blog posts to help visitors understand airport shuttles, parking permits for state parks and details about accessing remote places.

The website will feature a “How to Travel with Aloha” section to give locals tips and recommendations.

“Educating visitors about travelling responsibly is key to addressing tourism’s impacts and enhancing the well-being of Kauai’s communities,” said John De Fries, Hawaii Transportation Authority president and CEO. “We encourage travelers to utilize this comprehensive website when planning their trips, and are sharing it widely with our Global Marketing Team and visitor-industry partners to amplify the information.”

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