Japanese Airlines Offering Meals On Grounded Planes


We may not be flying as frequently as we used to due to the pandemic and although airline food is not one of the major things we might miss right now, one Japanese carrier has customers flocking to its parked airlines sampling Luxury food.

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has onboard its parked planes Foie gras, crabmeat mousse, and wagyu beef fillet on its menu for a cool $540.

 The “restaurant with wings” hosted about 60 people for lunch and another 60 for dinner on its first day of service, The Guardian reported.

Although The airline launched its “restaurant with wings” for just a single day on Wednesday, with demand proving sky-high, they are now planning to expand the offering.

The restaurant offered either first class or business class meals usually served on international flights, with passengers boarding a Boeing 777 at Tokyo’s Haneda airport holding tickets designed to look like boarding passes.

The experience came complete with crew announcements, according to the company, with meals served in-cabin seats, though seatbelts were not required.

According to the outlet, All Nippon Airways plans to offer 22 lunch and dinner sessions in April. Each session will reportedly last about three hours. Patrons can choose between first-class meals for 59,800 yen ($540.53 USD), or business-class meals for 29,800 yen ($269.36 USD).

The Japanese carrier is not the first Asian airline to offer meals aboard grounded planes to travel-starved customers.

Hundreds of travel-starved diners ate lunch and watched seat-back films on two parked Singapore Airlines jets in October last year, with tickets selling for up to $470.

If you are a lover of food and tourism, I suggest you try this out.

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