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Responsible for about 13% of Cyprus’s gross domestic product, tourism in Cyprus is sure one of the significant goals for the government of Cyprus as the tourism worlds takes one step at a time to recover from the pandemic.

As more and more countries open up for tourists, Cyprus recently ranked first among the European Union’s 27 nations for having the cleanest swimming waters. Based on the European Environment Agency’s swim season rankings for 2020, Cyprus achieved a perfect rating of 100 per cent for its 112 swimming spots located around the island tested between May 1 and October 31 last year.

We call this achievement a welcome boost for the East Mediterranean nation, which is trying to woo tourists back after a dismal summer season when tourist arrivals plunged more than 84% from last year’s record highs.

So as we head out to see the country with the Sparkling beaches and cleanest waters, these are a few things you must do!

The Tomb Of The Kings

Located in Paphos, it is an immense UNESCO World Heritage site. The tombs date back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods and are very impressive. They have quite a few similarities to the tombs at Alexandria in Egypt, indicating a strong connection between these two civilizations during this period. They are truly stunning, and for just €2.50, it is well worth visiting. The beautiful horizon of the tombs is littered with countless stacks of stones. A sign of good luck, a memorial gesture, or a wish to make, the pebbles are scattered from the edge of the tombs to the awe-inspiring ocean view behind them. Furthermore, if you look closely, you’ll notice a shipwreck on a coral reef. If history is one of your fantasy be sure to go see the tombs of the kings.

Limassol Zoo

Are you an animal lover? And wanting to spend some good family time, I suggest you try Cyprus’s largest zoo. Located in Limassol, the Limassol Zoo is Cyprus’s largest zoo and has about 300 animals and birds such as tigers, panthers, zebras, ostriches, and falcons. Each animal is grouped according to its species. There is also a natural history museum that has many taxidermied animals, birds, and fish on display. The zoo is a great place to bring the kids. It holds children’s events regularly, as well as offers a children’s play area and a petting zoo. Visitors can take a train ride through the park on Sundays and get their pictures taken with the ponies at the zoo.
So apart from the zoo and the tomb of kings, what else can I do? Where else can I go?
The beach, of course. Cyrus does not have the cleanest water for you not to see it or have a swim there.


The secluded beaches offer opportunities for families, as well as those who prefer long stretches of deserted beaches. Coral Bay is the perfect swimming spot for families and offers a variety of watersports and family activities. If you prefer a beach where you can be alone or have a romantic getaway, try Lara Beach, which is more secluded and less crowded. There is even the chance to see turtles if you join special night walks organized by conservation societies.
If you’re looking for romance, then a visit to Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach in Paphos might be the right choice. Legend says that the goddess of love once rose from the waters here. Come and enjoy a scenic drive to witness a breathtaking sunset and the beauty of the surrounding area.

Do you need some more convincing?

Let me boost your Appetite

Cypriot food is world-famous – most particularly halloumi cheese, one of the most popular local delicacies, it is made from a mix of goat and cow’s milk and is deliciously grilled. You’ll also find world-class mezze, kebabs, olives, hummus, and calamari in Cyprus. Make sure you try the island’s freshly caught seafood and its delicious bread and pastries. You can also buy local beer and wine very cheaply, and of course, you have to try Cypriot coffee before you leave. It’s unlike any other coffee you’ve tried before!

Millomeris Waterfalls

There is no admission fee to visit the falls, and proper footwear is advised as the area around the falls is quite steep and rocky. With a height of 15 meters, Millomeris Waterfalls are among Cyprus’s tallest. It is located in a ravine not far from Pano Platres, providing a peaceful respite for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in beauty. The falls are accessible by car and a small parking lot is available, but visitors can also reach the falls by taking a stroll of 1 km from the Platres Church.

Cyprus is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations and with a place to take over summer 2021 for most countries, Cyprus might just be the place to visit.
As of April countries such as Malta, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Israel are on the green list for Cyprus. And have no restriction whatsoever.

Countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Norway, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), the United Kingdom, United States of America, fall under the orange list and all passengers arriving from the below countries must present a negative laboratory analysis of PCR test within 72 hours before departure. It should be noted that Cypriot citizens, legal residents of the Republic, and persons entitled to enter the Republic under the Vienna Convention, can choose to undergo the molecular examination only upon arrival in Cyprus (expenses will be borne by themselves). In this case, they should remain in self-isolation, until the test result is issued.

If you are like me and plan on visiting Cyprus and want to see a lot of the island, hiring a car is the perfect decision. Cyprus isn’t a very big island. You can get from one side to the other in about 2 hours, so it’s not too far for a day trip. There’s so much to see that you’d regret not going!

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