Rwandair is the Safest Airline in Covid Management in Africa


RwandAir on Wednesday, May 26 became the first African airline to be awarded the top Diamond status rating for COVID-19 prevention measures – the highest attainable level.

This award comes from APEX Health Safety and is sponsored by SimpliFlying for the airline’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitisation, and safety.

The diamond rating places Rwanda Airlines at the top of the list of safest airlines in Africa. Recently the airline was announced as the first African airline to vaccinate all staff.

The APEX Health Safety platform powered by SimpliFlying sets the industry standard for customer-centric COVID-19 certification.

The system is designed to encourage airlines to meet the highest standards possible for health and hygiene and to restore the confidence of customers to fly following the devastating impact of travel restrictions.

Each participating airline must complete a 58-point checklist, which includes submission, verification, validation, and a quarterly review certification process.

Yvonne Manzi Makolo, CEO of RwandAir, said: “The health and safety of our customers and staffis the top priority for RwandAir, so we are delighted to be awarded Diamond status from APEX Health Safety, powered by SimpliFlying, for our COVID-19 prevention measures.

“Reaching the highest attainable level for hygiene standards is a powerful clean bill of health for the airline, and validation for all the hard work we have put in to ensure the safest possible traveller experience for our customers and staff,” she said.

She added: We know that restoring customer confidence to fly is critical to resume safe international travel, which is why we have undertaken a 360-degree approach to ensuring that every aspect of our operations meet the highest standards.

“From the deep cleaning and disinfection of aircraft to automatic hand sanitiser dispensers available throughout Kigali International Airport, our hub, we have looked at every aspect of the customer journey to ensure we keep COVID-19 at bay and protect those who fly with us.

“Passengers are required to wear face masks throughout the flight, while our aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters to remove 99.9% of germs.

“With all of these protective measures in place, we are confident that customers will begin to fly once again, and travel safely both within Africa and internationally with RwandAir. As Rwanda’s doors are now open for tourism, we look forward to welcoming passengers from around the world to experience the country’s natural wonders, while staying safe and healthy.

Joe Leader, the APEX CEO, said:” RwandAir has demonstrated the highest possible level of care for its customers becoming the first African airline to reach the hospital-grade Diamond level of APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying’s comprehensive review.

“RwandAir proves that reaching this level of health safety does not depend upon the size of the airline, but rather the incredibly proactive steps taken for customer and staff wellbeing. We are deeply proud of RwandAir as a rising star for our entire airline industry in Africa.”

Powered by SimpliFlying, APEX Health Safety’s award gives airlines a proactive role in helping resume international travel, creates a common standard for airline health and safety, and highlights successful industry practices.

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