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Nigeria : NCAA directs Operators, Pilots to follow Guidelines for Operational Safety during Rainy Season


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The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has charged all pilots, operators, and air traffic controllers with the responsibility of being extremely cautious in light of severe thunderstorms and other hazardous weather conditions that hamper air travel, especially now that the rains have arrived.

This is just as the CAA has urged all passengers to exercise patience during this period of heavy downpour, as strict compliance with this warning is expected of all stakeholders, as maximum sanctions will be imposed on those who fail to comply.

This warning is a follow up to the Advisory Circular (AC) with reference no AC: NCAA-AEROMET – 31 addressed to all Pilots and Airline Operators and signed by the Director-General, Capt. Musa Nuhu.

It follows the release of the Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP) by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) for the year 2021.

NIMET has forecast the onset of the rainy season in the Southern states for early/late March, and in the central and northern parts of Nigeria for late April/June 2021.

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As a result, this weather advisory circular is necessary to present the changing weather information associated with the onset of the rainy season, and its effect on the safety and efficiency of flight operations; and to elicit the cooperation of the following stakeholders to ensure the safety of air travel at all times.

Therefore, Pilots, Operators and Air Traffic Controllers Pilots are directed to observe series of responsibilities enumerated below forthwith:

“ Air Traffic Controllers may temporarily close the airspace when any of the conditions in (1) are observed or forecast by NIMET; Flight Crews/Operators and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) to ensure adherence to published aerodrome weather minima; Pilots to exercise maximum restraint whenever adverse weather is observed or forecast by NIMET; and

“Pilots/Flight Crew members to obtain adequate departure, en-route and destination weather information and briefing from NIMET Aerodrome Meteorological Offices prior to flight operations.

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