Delta Airlines To Become The First 5G-Equipped Global Airline


Delta Airlines (DAL) has taken the first step towards becoming the world’s first 5G airline. The carrier has teamed with Apple, AT&T, and other technology companies to equip its flight attendants with the latest-generation devices intended to improve customer experience.

Through these strategic partnerships, Delta Airlines flight attendants will receive iPhone 12s paired with AT&T’s 5G networks to enhance their customers’ travel experience. The airline relies on technology and connectivity to improve its prospects in an industry reeling from the effects of COVID-19.

When seeking products that meet the standards of our flight attendants, Apple and AT&T were our first choices,” explained Senior Vice President of In-Flight Services, Allison Ausband.

With AT&T 5G connectivity and iPhone 12 performance, Delta expects new possibilities. The Apple products and super-fast AT&T internet service should allow flight attendants to best adapt to the requirements of the new travel industry.

Flight attendants will have quick access to in-cabin inventory using augmented reality and iPhone 12 cameras. Moreover, immersive training using augmented reality will also become a reality, allowing flight attendants to perform critical tasks from anywhere and with ease. Flight attendants will also be able to access training videos, photos, and AR on the go.

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