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Airport Business Summit holds three day conference on Cargo logistics, drone technology


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From the 21st to the 24th of June 2021, the AIRPORT Business Summit will hold a combined event on Cargo & Aero Logistics and Drone Technology at the NIGAV Expo Centre at Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

This event is aimed at bridging the cargo capacity gap of the Nigerian aviation industry, boosting cargo revenues, linking aero-logistics to national agro-export projects and introducing Nigeria to the emerging opportunities in drone technology.

In the words of the organiser Fortune Idu, the chairman of the organising committee and the founder of Dronetecx, the conference and exhibition will assist in the development of the drone technology industry through education, awareness creation, the exchange of information, and the creation of a trade promotion platform. Its goal is to support NCAA’s regulatory efforts in ensuring safe civil and commercial operations in this new emerging industry.

In his statement, Mr Idu predicts that the UAV and autonomous vehicle industries in Nigeria and Africa will grow exponentially in five years. It will lead to the creation of massive amounts of wealth and jobs. The process requires good planning, strong government policy, well-targeted regulatory instruments, and market growth promotion that involves everyone, especially the youth.

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The event is an offshoot of the Airport Business summit which has created an aero cargo and logistics conference. Both delegates and exhibitors from a wide range of fields will attend the event, along with the Honourable Minister of Aviation.

On the three-day event, there will be presentations and workshops on a variety of drone-related topics, including regulations, manufacturer standards, enterprise development, and commercial and corporate applications.

Aviation Business Summit on Cargo and Aero-Logistics, Drone Essence and Emerging Technologies Conference and Expo, Airport Business Recovery Workshops and Public-Private Partnership Workshop and Conference Debate on PPP and Enterprise Workshops will be the highlights of the event.

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